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MARRERO, La. -- Dozens of Marrero neighbors received an unwelcome present on Christmas Eve.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says somebody shot out windows on more than 160 vehicles overnight.

'I didn't see nothing, I didn't hear nothing. I just got up this morning and seen it like that,' said Charles Dominique, pointing to the shattered window on his truck.

Most of the damage was done in the Oak Forest, Oak Knoll and Hillcrest subdivisions south of Ames Boulevard on both sides of Barataria Boulevard.

'We started receiving calls as early as 5:30 (Tuesday) morning,' said JPSO spokesman Col. John Fortunato. 'This has all the earmarks of a number of people being involved and we don't even know if there were multiple vehicles involved.'

Blaine Nixon spent part of the morning vacuuming up broken glass in his car that was parked in front of his house on Hillcrest Drive.

'I was trying to go to the store and I looked and saw that my window was broken,' Nixon said. 'Looks like it was shot out.'

Marguerite Cooper said deputies came to her door to tell her that somebody shattered the back window of her SUV.

'I'm really depressed,' said Cooper. 'I hate to start off Christmas like that. I got a good Christmas present this morning.'

Home surveillance cameras caught an image of a silver colored (2000-2007) Ford Escape leaving the scene of the shooting. The JPSO is asking neighbors on streets hit by the vandals to check their overnight recordings for the same vehicle.

'That is a suspect vehicle,' said Fortunato. 'If that vehicle is seen sporadically throughout the neighborhoods where these incidents occurred, it would be beneficial if we get that video as well.'

The JPSO says detectives believe the weapon used to shoot out the windows was a high powered BB or pellet gun.

'We did find a number of pellets around some of the vehicles, so that gives us reason to believe they were using pellet guns,' said Fortunato.

Victims say while this may have been a teenage prank, it wasn't very funny, especially on Christmas Eve.

'Kids that should have been home in bed and I can't say blame it on the parents because I had teenagers,' said Cooper.

'It's terrible around Christmas time,' said Dominique. 'You can't afford to buy new windows and all, right around Christmas time.'

'We have no report of vehicle burglaries as a result of this,' said Fortunato. 'What this appears to be is just some unknown group of individuals that thought it was just a wonderful thing to do.'

Investigators say the crimes are similar to a shooting spree that damaged about a dozen cars two weeks ago in the Bent Tree subdivision off of the Lafitte-Larose Highway.

The sheriff's office has released two pictures of a vehicle that they believe may have been used in the shootings. You can see them here.

You can see the flyer on the shooting released by the JPSOhere.

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