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NEW ORLEANS - It's hard to deny the excitement of a Saints win, especially when it gives the black and gold a spot in the playoffs.

'After the game everyone was so excited in our section, that everyone exchanged numbers so we could all go together to the playoff game,' said season ticket holder Renee Maxwell.

And that means some die hard Who Dats are gearing up to head to Philadelphia for Saturday night's match up against the Eagles.

'There's going to be a huge pilgrimage to Philly, I'm afraid,' Maxwell said.

'I know at least four or five that are all going to be going, hopefully in Drew Brees jerseys or something, because the fans are pretty crazy in Philadelphia,' said Adam Hebert, a New Orleans native attending school in Philadelphia. 'They really don't like anyone who is not wearing green so we're going to try to get all the black and gold we can get down there.'

But many Saints fans will watch the game on their television sets at home. They say their decision not to travel for the game has to do with travel costs, the cold weather and the short notice.

'We've gotten a few calls but not a great many,' said Bob Bourg, general manager of the travel agency Destination New Orleans Management, Inc. 'I think if the Saints were going to Dallas, people would be more excited just because of the proximity.'

'Expenses and kids kind of hold us back, but we will be there in spirit,' said Saints fan Wendy Bergerson.

'We're going to be holding it down for sure,' said Clarence Crocken, a Saints fan who plans to throw a party at his house during the Saints-Eagles games.

On, tickets for the game range from $167 for a standing-room only spot to $11,000 for lower level sideline seats.

The Saints box office doesn't have any tickets for sale now. The team gets a limited number of tickets for away games during the playoffs, and players' families and friends get first dibs.

Meanwhile, Maxwell has her sights set even higher than the upcoming game in Philadelphia.

'Super Bowl,' she said. 'I've got my room in New York already. I am ready for that.'

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