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NEW ORLEANS -- If this were 'Smell-ivision', satisfaction would be guaranteed.

This is how Philadelphia does New Orleans with a twist

'Definitely trying to nail the recipes to the T.'

Chef Dave Williams has made Louisiana eats his passion at Catahoula Bar and Restaurant in south Philadelphia's Queen Village neighborhood.

Opened by a couple Lafayette natives in 2009, Williams, who's from South Carolina, took over the kitchen a year later.

He has stuck to the plan of exposing Louisiana's many flavors to the city of brotherly love.

'It has to be right. The rice has to be just perfect, cooked to perfection, the seasons have to blend in,' said Darlene McClain.

Darlene and Samuel McClain are Philadelphians who know their New Orleans food. They've frequented our city for the past 15-years, so they know.

'The taste has got to be there,' Darlene McClain said.

'It's barbecue with the corn bread, that's a big thing. The gumbo, that's a big thing. The jambalaya, it has to be right,' Williams said.

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