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NEWORLEANS- The Saints are now staring down a re-match in Seattle with their next playoff game on the Seahawks' home turf.

Some Saints fans are making plans to travel with the team, but many seem to be planning to stay put.

On an average Monday at the New Orleans International Airport, a not-so average Saints fan made his way back home from Philadelphia.

'The flight was canceled on Friday going up. The first flight was canceled. They re-booked me through DC and I got to DC about 10:00 Friday night and was supposed to take another flight up to Philadelphia,' said Joe Casler.

He and two strangers rented a car and drove the rest of the way, getting into Philadelphia at 2 a.m.

Casler said it was worth it, getting to see a historic win up close and he's hoping to do it again next weekend in Seattle.

'I couldn't go last time because of work, but I'm fired up I get to go this time,' he said.

Even without winter storm delays, getting to Seattle from New Orleans isn't as easy as hopping on a plane. It takes two or three connections to get there, and the flights are expensive.

'It's running about $700 a person. Then the air is running about the same. So, if you want to fly up there, it's $14- or $1,500 if you want to go to the game,' said Bob Bourg.

He heads up the Saints' designated group travel agency, DMI Travel and says he's seeing interest from fans wanting to go to the game, but not many buyers yet.

'We had a few people who went to Seattle the first time and I don't think they're going back,' he said.

The Saints lost their first match-up with the Seahawks on Monday Night Football 34-7.

Bethanie Collongues grew up in New Orleans and says she will be in that number at Century Link Field Saturday.

She's a native New Orleanian stationed in Washington in the Navy.

'I'm a little intimidated by the Seattle crowd. But hopefully they're good fans like at home and it's all in good fun,' she said Monday.

Casler will be there to back her up. He had lucky black and gold tennis shoes in tow for the Eagles game and says he will be wearing them in Seattle, even though the trip is going to cost him.

'I'll be eating ramen noodles for a while,' Casler said.

Bourg said the price of tickets to the game actually dropped about $200 when the Saints won.

Fans of the other teams that could've played Seattle, San Francisco and Green Bay, were considered more likely to attend.

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