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NEW ORLEANS -- The small lake in Lakeview appeared on 28th Street on Dec. 23. It was leaking thousands of gallons of water every hour around the clock, sending a torrent into the nearest drain.

Neighbors quickly called the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board.

'We've been calling them every day to try to get an update on, you know, when is somebody going to get out there to cap the leak and turn it off, because it is a substantial amount of water flowing right down the storm drain,' Kirk Redmann said. 'They say it is on the list, on the list. ... Terribly frustrating.'

The longer the leak continued to flow, the more frustrated the neighbors got with water board decision makers.

'I'd tell them there's got to be better project management. I mean you can't let a leak like this go on, and lose this volume of water for so many days, and have nothing done about it.'

I emailed the water board within hours, asking them for quick repairs. But I got some unexpected help from them, because a sewer problem developed up the street, and the next morning, they sent a truck out to check that.

'When the driver got out of the pump truck, he looked across the street and saw the water leak that was going on in the vacant lot next door to me, and he said, 'Good God, look at that,'' Redmann said with a laugh.'

Within hours, the leak was repaired, and the mini lake drained away.

'Oh it's so great,' was Kirk Redmann's reaction.

Unfortunately the sewer problem hasn't been resolved, and other parts of the street are nearly impassable, so be careful on 28th Street.

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