Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News
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MANDEVILLE, La. -- The winter weather showed its many faces Tuesday on the Northshore, from sleet that looks like snow to actual snow flakes, and now cold rain freezing into ice.

National Guard sand trucks lined up late Tuesday night in Franklinton for the latest refill before spreading out across Washington Parish to cover icy roads and bridges yet again.

Earlier in the day, the ice was blamed for at least four crashes in the Franklinton and Pine areas, two of which were rollovers. Matters only got worse as the day grew older and colder.

'We're contacting the Department of Public Works and the state department. Parish government is sanding as much as they can,' said Lt. Ernie Corkern, of the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office.

But Shirley Williams and her grandson braved the streets for a friend.

'I came out to get my friend girl something to drink,' Williams said. 'She has cancer and said she didn't have anything to drink. I came to the store to get her something to drink. ... (The drive) was fine because I only live a few blocks from here. ... The store wasn't really packed, and they're closing in 10 minutes.'

The trip was too long for little Shawn, who was away from the fun of the day.

'I think it's cool, and I wish it way my birthday.'

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