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HARAHAN, La. - Harahan police are investigating a series of auto burglaries.

Home surveillance video shows one of the burglaries in progress. Two men walk onto a driveway on Glenwood Avenue. One pulls on a truck's door handle. It easily opens. The owner said the burglars made off with his gun.

Lisa, who lives in nearby River Ridge, asked Eyewitness News to use only her first name. She said a gun was stolen out of all three of her vehicles late last Tuesday night, or early Wednesday morning.

'I think they're not going to stop. I think it's going to get worse,' she said.

According to Harahan police, 18 vehicles were burglarized in just two nights last week. Another was stolen. Authorities recovered the stolen Ford Explorer Sport Trac truck in River Ridge. They are now processing it for forensic evidence.

A spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says Lisa was one of two people in River Ridge, near the Harahan city limits, who also reported break-ins last week.

Police say most of the vehicles burglarized were left unlocked.

'They're simply walking down the street lifting door handles, if the car is open, they break into the car,' said Sgt. Nicholas Gleber. 'People need to lock their doors and it would save us and everybody a lot of headaches.'

Lisa believes the thieves used a device to open her locked door without damaging it.

'Even though we live in a safe neighborhood, I normally lock my cars at night,' said Lisa.

But Kathleen, who also asked us to use only her first name, admits she likely left her door unlocked. The River Ridge resident awoke last week to find her vehicle ransacked, but nothing stolen.

'I don't keep a gun in my car. I really think they were looking for guns,' she said. 'It upset me a lot. It did. I felt like, 'I can't believe somebody did this to me.' I took it personally.'

Lisa left fliers in her neighbors' mailboxes to spread the word, so that others would know to lock their doors and stay vigilant.

'I am definitely more prepared with making sure everything is locked and just being on alert,' she said.

Police say they have reviewing surveillance video from several homes and have stepped up patrols in the area.

The suspects are described only as a 6 foot tall male with a thin build and a 5 foot 6, heavy set male.

If you have any information that could help, call Harahan Police at (504) 737-9763 or Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

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