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NEWORLEANS-- The big machine effortlessly pulled up sections of cement that once were the slab of a house. It took so little time to demolish the house that the excavator was rapidly finishing the job, to the delight of the neighbors.

'Oh, it was a welcoming sight to see the demolition,' said Cynthia Domino with a big smile. Cynthia and her neighbors are so happy because at the time of the first Action Report one week ago, the house was in a dangerous state of collapse, the roof caved in, the sides about to fall.

Though the roof fell only a few weeks ago, neighbors got the city to start investigating last April. They weren't happy to be still waiting for help.

'I'm scared,' Ernest Thibodeaux said last week. 'I'm scared for the neighbors for that house across the street.'

'The kids play along here,' Michele Colbert noted at the time. 'I have grandkids that live here. We're afraid for them to play outside.'

This situation was so dangerous I asked the mayor's office for an emergency demolition. They emailed me one week later to say they were taking the building down. But I already knew. You see the neighbors had contacted me first. They were thrilled.'

'Quite a few of my neighbors came over, ringing the doorbell,' said Cynthia Domino. 'It's gone, it's gone. I'm like yes, it's gone, thanks to Mr. Capo and the City of New Orleans.'

It'll make a difference in this neighborhood.

'It meant a lot, because my neighbors and I, we do our best with the upkeep of our homes,' said Cynthia.

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