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NEWORLEANS-- Ahead of Monday's deadline, the Saints used the franchise tag for tight end Jimmy Graham.

Graham tweeted, 'Confirming it's officially Franchisefriday... TAG ... I guess I'm it...'

The franchise tag would be just the beginning of the saga as whether Graham is a wide receiver or a tight end as his agent and the Saints squabble over money.

Mickey Loomis, the Saints general manager, is certain that Graham is indeed a tight end, saying in January, 'Isn't that what we drafted him as?'

'Isn't that what he made the Pro Bowl as? That's what we see him as, a tight end.'

While Loomis may contend Graham is the perfect example of a tight end in today's NFL, Graham and his agent Jimmy Sexton, however, will likely argue the opposite, making the case that Graham is used more as a receiver.

The reason that the distinction is so important? In 2013, the difference between a franchise tag at receiver and tight end was more than $4 million.

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