Among all the plans you may be making for the weekend, Eyewitness News political analyst Clancy DuBos has one big one he says you shouldn't forget about: voting.

This Saturday's runoff elections in New Orleans are the subject of his weekly commentary.

Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News Political Analyst

NEW ORLEANS -- The end of Mardi Gras brings on the solemn season of Lent on the Christian calendar. This year in New Orleans, it also brings back the political season. This Saturday is election day in New Orleans, time to finish the citywide elections that began on February 1st.

Four very important races are on Saturday's ballot: for sheriff, coroner, City Council at-large and City Council District C. Each is hotly contested, and the winners will shape New Orleans' political landscape for the next four years.

In the sheriff's race, the winner also will play a big role in shaping the city's criminal justice system. The local jail is under a federal consent decree, which demands major reforms. Expensive reforms that won't be easy to implement.

These elections are the one chance that we as individuals get, every four years, to have a say in charting the future of our city. No matter who you like or don't like among the candidates, your opinion matters only as long as you make your voice heard: by voting.

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