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NEW ORLEANS -- There are hours left now to sign up for government mandated health insurance.

Those who don't get the process started Monday will be breaking the law and be fined.

But people who are trying to sign up should be very careful about who may be trying to get their business.

Ronnell Nolan is an expert on the new health insurance law. She said a lot of people waited until the last minute to sign up.

'People have been enrolling like crazy or trying to enroll like crazy since last week,' said Nolan, who is president and CEO of Health Agents for America, a non-profit that helps insurance agent know all the details of PPACA or Obamacare.

But she is also hearing about something disturbing.

'She went on and all kinds of pop-ups started happening and her phone started ringing. So she answered the phone, thought she was enrolling in a plan,' said Nolan about a women who was trying to enroll.

The women did not want to talk on-camera. She gave her checking account number to the people who called and was told her first monthly payment was around $175 plus a $25 enrollment fee. In return, she'd have no deductibles, no copays and three E.R. visits. The people also tried to sell her life insurance.

'She just assumed someone from was calling her and helping her. No one should be giving their checking account, credit card information, to anyone,' said Nolan.

But when Nolan really helped the woman sign up for a plan in the marketplace, her cost was just around $47 a month.

Medical Watch called the 410 area code number that called the woman and got this voice message: 'I am (name) with Health and Life Advantage. I will be out of the office from Thursday, March 13, 2014 and will return Monday, March 31, 2014.'

'You do not sell insurance on the marketplace and leave the day that is the last day you can sell insurance,' said Nolan.

The insurance commissioners office in Baton Rouge says that right now they are not working on any complaints. Neither is the attorney general's office.

Nolan and state Rep. Regina Ashford Barrow, D-Baton Rouge, tell us that others have reported the same problem with the pop-ups and phone calls.

The woman's account is now being closely monitored by her bank.

The insurance commissioner's office says there is no company named 'Health and Life Advantage' that is licensed in Louisiana.

And it is not one of the four companies that can sell health insurance on Louisiana's marketplace website.

It's safe to enter your information on If you suspect a problem call the attorney general's office consumer protection line at 1-800-351-4889.

You will still have until April 15 to complete the enrollment and pay your premium as long as you get the process started today.

Some experts have argued that only a fraction of the people who did not have insurance have signed up.

But Nolan said she is seeing those most in need get coverage.

'The most people that I've touched are people that have never had coverage. A gentleman the other day had mercury poisoning, had never been able to buy coverage, is going to be able to buy coverage.'

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