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NEWORLEANS-- Just three blocks from Jazz Fest, $20 buys visitors a legal place to park at Medard Nelson Elementary. Last year the school raised $9,000 at Jazz Fest.

'We were able to purchase new band uniforms for our marching units,' said principal Deidra Bradley. 'We also have what we call PBIS, Positive Behavior Incentive Support, we were able to take a group of our kids to Washington, D.C. with some of that money.'

'We come here every year just because it benefits the school,' said Ira Zissman. 'It's a good feeling? It's a great feeling, yeah, and they're nice people.'

McDonough City Park Academy is a bit closer to Jazz Fest, so they charge 25-dollars to park here, and raised $10,000 last year.

'Teachers are able to buy books, and different materials for the classrooms,' said Coach Malcolm Johnson. 'I'm the PE teacher, so my funding will go to footballs, basketballs, jump ropes.'

'I love coach,' said John Charpentier. 'I park with coach every year. The idea of being able to help the school as well? Absolutely. '

Langston Hughes Academy parking lot is across from the Jazz Fest entrance. At $25 per car, last year they raised $60,000 for the band and school trips.

'So starting in third grade, they travel the country really, and get to see communities outside of New Orleans,' said principal Mark Martin.

There's come to be a bit of friendly competition for parking among the schools with locations close to the Jazz Fest. Not only does it help the kids, but there's a lot of money to be made for school budgets that are strapped.

'We've come to build it into the budget,' said Martin.

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