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NEW ORLEANS -- Deputies showed up at Bill Timken's door 13 times since February, even in the middle of the night, saying they were responding to 911 calls.

'I don't get a whole lot of sleep any more,' said Bill Timken.

But Bill hadn't called 911, much less called and hung up.

'They simply apologized for having to wake me up, and I recognized the fact that they have to respond to these calls, and I appreciate the fact that they have.'

He emailed the Action Line when there was a surprise discovery.

'The phone number that shows up with the JPSO because of the 911 is not mine, but somehow my residence is linked to this phantom phone number.'

This was quite a mystery and took some effort to resolve. I contacted two phone companies and the sheriff's office, and you'll never believe what the sheriff's office found out. There was a sensor in a drainage canal designed to send a telephone alert when the water rose.

Instead, by mistake, it called 911.

'That's amazing, that's amazing,' Timken said when he learned what happened. 'Well, let's hope the water doesn't rise for a while.'

'911 would get the call to go to this location,' said Jefferson Sheriff Newell Normand. 'We'd go to the location, and the homeowner didn't know what the heck was going on and would tell us 'I didn't call. I didn't know what was going on.''

'Ain't that something,' Timken said about the source of the 911 calls.

'But I understand that the construction company that is doing the work has corrected it as of this morning, and it is now resolved,' Normand said. 'So case solved.'

By the way, Bill's phone does call 911 properly.

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