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NEWORLEANS-- When the signs saying Fix My Street first appeared in Lakeview, developer Robert Lupo says interest boomed after an Action Report last week.

'The phone never stopped ringing, and we had to order another two orders of signs,' Lupo said.

'Lakeview, to reconstruct all the streets would take over $100 million,' said Col. Mark Jernigan. 'This project is worth about $22 million.'

But the City Public Works Director said that will pay for major road repairs across Lakeview, like this sinkhole.

'The hole is so bad that there are small animals that come out of that hole,' said Lakeview Resident Amy Bakay.

'The intent behind this program is to fix the damage that occurred as a result of Katrina,' explained Col. Jernigan.

The damaged lane where the sinkhole is, will be replaced as part of a project coordinated to repair underground utility pipes, then fix broken streets, with FEMA overseeing it all.

'This is going to be a much nicer street,' said Jernigan.

'I think it is wonderful news,' said Amy. 'It's a long time in the making.'

'We expect that design to be wrapped up later this year, and go out actually for bid and start construction before the end of the year,' said Jernigan.

'We're very, very hopeful that this does start in 2014,' said Lupo.

One thing I noticed that an entire section of Lakeview, Bellaire, Fleur De Lis, all the interior streets are left out of that plan. I can imagine what residents here will think of that. But Colonel Jernigan tells me there is another plan, $12 million, the work to start next year, and this is not the only section of town with its own plan.

'We're working on a neighborhood by neighborhood basis,' said Jernigan. 'Every neighborhood in the city is part of this program.'

'This is now a citywide campaign,' said Lupo.

Robert Lupo says other neighborhoods now want his signs. Lupo said signs will be given out Thursday afternoon from 4-6 o'clock at the West Lakeshore Shopping Center at West End and Robert E. Lee Boulevards. For details about the Lakeview street repair project, or others in various parts of the city, go to

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