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NEW ORLEANS - Over a period of seven weeks, more than 350 signs with word 'Love' in red capital letters have popped up all over the metro area.

Once you spot it, it is hard to miss. It is the mystery behind that one simple word that has caught people's eyes.

'It can mean so many things to different people, but I do think it's typically a good thing to love and be love,' says Desiree Andreski.

'I think it speaks to the power of that one word,' says Daniel Thelen. 'That one word can lift your spirit in any way it needs to in that moment.'

From Magazine Street to Robert E. Lee Boulevard and just about everywhere in between, you will find love signs like this one posted up around town, but the question on everyone's mind is who is behind it and why?

'Yea, I would like to know who did it and how, especially how,' says Ian Collishaw. 'It's like a magic trick because they just popped out of nowhere.'

'Probably more than one person, absolutely,' says Thelen. 'It's probably a group of people who wanted to pull this off.'

But what does it mean? That too has people scratching their heads.

'I have no idea, there are so many definitions of love,' says Collishaw. 'Personally I think there is no meaning, there is only the interpretation because there is no context.'

While others are happy to leave it open to interpretation.

'I do think that the mystery behind it is good, so it has specific meaning to each person, whatever they get from it,' says Andreski.

No matter what the theories are or how it is interpreted one thing is for sure, everyone loves a mystery.

The two-man team behind the cause say they want to remain anonymous.

They started back in April as a way to give back to the community and they decided to do that by spreading a positive message in areas where violent crimes were committed in 2013.

In fact, they used NOPD crime maps to plan exactly where they wanted to put up the signs.

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