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HARAHAN, La. - The parking lot was busy, and customers jammed Held's Kitchen in Harahan Wednesday. Owner Stacy Held looked at the busy tables, and burst into happy tears.

'A miracle, it finally happened,' she sobbed. 'Thank you so much.'

In the first Action Report Stacy was also in tears, but those were tears of terror as she faced losing her restaurant. The week it opened in March was when the Corps of Engineers closed part of Hickory Avenue, and tore up the street. The detour sign was placed 100 feet before the restaurant, turning potential customers away.

'And I just don't want to fail,' Stacy cried at the time. 'I refuse to fail.'

So many people responded Stacy had to open the restaurant last night, and the big crowd today slammed her crew.

'They were at the door before we even opened,' Stacy said.

'Club sandwich man, in fact it was so big I had to take some back to the shop over there,' grinned customer Steve Taliancich.

'Food is awesome,' said customer Terry Breaux. 'Food's good. We saw the story last night,l and we didn't want them to close.'

I never know what is going to happen after an Action Report, but in this case the response was simply huge. 20,000 people saw it on Facebook. Even other restaurant owners came here to support Stacy.

'I know how it is in this business. It's a tough business,' said David Cummins of Italian Pie in Harahan.

'I saw the story on Facebook, and after I read the article, I tagged all my friends at work in the building across the street with me so we could try to help drum up some business,' said customer Alexis Carville.

'God bless everyone that has come out here, cried Stacy. She says she will keep the restaurant open until eight o'clock every night through Saturday to thank customers. The Corps of Engineers says they will add signs directing drivers around the detour to reach the businesses behind them.

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