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NEW ORLEANS -- Since the first 'Fix My Streets' signs appeared in Lakeview two months ago, organizers say interest has exploded.

'It's gotten huge,' said campaign organizer Jeff Januszek. 'Social media impact, the engagement by the thousands. T-shirts, we've given out hundreds. Signs, we're easily over 1,000.'

'When you all brought it to the news, it became citywide, and we had people from all over, all different property owners associations,' said campaign founder Robert Lupo.

Residents of the Bocage subdivision in Algiers put 60 signs in their yards.

'The grass is growing in the street, it's that bad,' said Bocage Civic Association President Eric Songy. 'Everybody is fed up. Everybody feels that there is nothing going to be done.'

City leaders have committed to use FEMA funds to patch as many damaged streets as possible across town.

'The FEMA money is such a small part. It's not even 10 percent of what they would need to fix all the streets,' Songy said.

'$200 million doesn't even take care of Lakeview,' Lupo said.

The Fix My Streets Campaign and Lakeview Civic Improvement Association are holding a town hall meeting next Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the gym behind St. Dominic Catholic Church on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview.

They know it will be crowded with residents who want to hear specific plans about fixing the broken streets.

'We've got all these different community groups that are going to be there to hear what our elected representatives are going to say,' Lupo said. 'I don't want to speak for the mayor, but there will be an empty seat there.'

'It tells us whether or not he cares about the regular citizens,' Songy said.

For more about the Fix My Streets campaign, and the town hall meeting, visit their website here

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