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When Jep Robertson met Australian fashion designers Rick Caballo and Melissa Core during an event benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, he never dreamed it would lead to his own line of apparel and accessories.

'I got hooked up with these Aussies and thought they were super cool,' said Robertson, the youngest son of 'Duck Dynasty' parents Kay and Phil Robertson.

'We had dinner and got to be friends, and Mel said, 'We need to do a line with you,'' Robertson said. 'I told her I'd love to, but I never really thought it would happen.'

But Calvary by Jep Robertson, a line of unisex casual chic clothes and jewelry, has made its debut online at, and Caballo and Core said they're marketing it to retailers now.

Caballo, Core and their staff, who are already established in the fashion world with their edgy Corello brand, were at the Duck Commander warehouse on Thursday morning to do a promotional shoot for a Calvary campaign.

'We believe the line speaks to his fans and the fashion community,' Core said.

Though the clothing line and logo are secular, Robertson said he chose to brand it Calvary as a tribute to his Christian faith.

'I love the word and what it represents,' Jep said.

He's even modified the family's signature tagline on the Calvary line from 'Faith. Family. Ducks.' to 'Faith. Family. Fashion.'

Calvary's logo features an impressionistic version of a duck and American flag.

'There are T-shirts, beanies and jewelry but on a higher-end line,' Robertson said. 'I like being creative and coming up with what I think people would like to wear.'

Robertson said his wife, Jessica, also has input in the designs.

'She's really the one who got me into fashion, and she loves the line,' Robertson said. 'If she likes it, I like it. Know what I mean?'

Jep's and Jessica's ideas are taken by Caballo and Core and developed into the products.

'They're terrific designers,' Robertson said.

'We wanted the line to embrace the persona of (Duck Commander), but also to separate it a bit,' Caballo said.

Core said fans can pre-order at the Calvary website now. Jep said the line will also soon be available at Duck and Dressing boutique in downtown Monroe and at the Duck Commander warehouse retail store.

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