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NEW ORLEANS -- Former Country Day, LSU and UNO basketball player Matt Derenbecker has been found dead.

Derenbecker, who was house sitting for a friend, was supposed to pick up his girlfriend at the airport.

When he didn't show, it prompted family to go looking for him, and that's when he was found dead in the pool at the home where he was house sitting.

Derenbecker was one of our area's best basketball players, a two-time Louisiana player of the year.

He earned a scholarship to LSU and then to UNO after leaving both schools for different personal reasons.

UNO head coach Mark Slessinger, who is in Dallas consoling former UNO forward Cory Dixon after he lost four family members in a car accident, had this to say about this emotional weekend:

'It's hard for sure,' he said. 'Matt's family and for Cory and his immediate family. It's a tough time. I'm glad we can be there to support in any capacity we can. Matt had a very special place in all our hearts. It'll be very difficult to fill. He had a very engaging personality and a great smile and an incredible sense of humor. I enjoyed every second I got to coach him, that's for sure.'

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