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NEW ORLEANS -- One of the victims of the drive-by shooting in the Lower Ninth Ward was an innocent bystander, a 16-year-old who relatives say had just gone to get a bottle of water and was walking by the house.

Monday was supposed to be her first day of eighth grade.

As we arrived at the Renew Cultural Arts Academy, a teenage student left crying with her mother. She did not want to face the first day of school without her friend Jasmine Anderson.

Anderson was an innocent bystander killed in the drive-by shooting Sunday night. Her mother asked that we not use the video.

Other students are having a hard time too.

'There's a homeroom group that shared homeroom with Jasmine last year. It was an all-girls group, so they feel a special sort of connection, and so the kids especially in that homeroom are having a hard time as they should,' said Kevin Guitterriez, president of Renew Schools.

The Renew School System has a network of social workers ready to help.

'Any student who maybe were friends, who knew Jasmine, who specifically are having just a hard time coping with this, are pulled out of class, are dealt with on an individual basis and whatever you know, whatever they need, they're given at the time,' he said.

Monday is the opening day of school, and we were just here reporting in May, near the closing day of school, covering another student who was shot in a drive-by shooting and who was in eighth grade.

Just three months ago, counselors also came to the school to help students grieve the loss of Miquail 'Dookie' Jackson.

'I will always remember Miquail's smile. He had a beautiful smile and always looked like he was up to something. He was hilarious. He was rambunctious and he had a beautiful heart,' said his English Teacher Lizzy Sullivan, back on that Spring day.

They say Jasmine was liked too.

'Overall, she was typically, a typical involved and active student, who had lots of friends here,' Guitterriez said.

And it's their friends who seem to constantly have to ask why.

The students most likely will plan a memorial. Anyone who wants to help the family with the burial for Jasmine Anderson can donate on the Renew Schools webpage in her name.

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