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By:Tom Planchet,

It's, of course, meaningless to rank teams this early, but, the WWLrankings had a pretty good track record last year with Seattle being number 1 and San Fran number 2 in the final rankings, and there was little argument at year's end that they were the top two teams.

So, with that in mind, and halfway through the preseason, here are my power rankings for 2014.

1/ Seattle They lost some parts, but, being outside of the huge east coast media hub may still have them feeling unappreciated and hungry, and, really, they have the best home field advantage in the league.

2/ San Francisco This is the same way they finished last year, however, the Niners getting blitzed twice in preseason and the offseason situation with Harbaugh, plus coming up short in a number of postseason close calls, could have their psyche wounded.

3/ New Orleans This could be a homer call, but I'm basing this on the Saints being the same team that won on the road in Philly this past postseason and who really tested Seattle on the road. Plus, Drew Brees may set a record for getting plays called and executed quickly as he can't wait to throw to Graham and Cooks and hand off to Robinson, Ingram and Thomas. Still, an improved defense is the biggest key to this team's success.

4/ New England The AFC has really been boring the past decade with New England, Pittsburgh and the team Peyton Manning quarterbacks representing the AFC in 10 of the last 11 Super Bowls, but a healthy Gronk, some better talent and a motivated Brady could put them back in the big game.

5/ Denver Like New England, this is the 'chalk' pick. A lot of big pickups in the offseason have people convinced, but I just remember a team that got absolutely clubbed by Seattle.

6/ Arizona The NFC West is going to be absolutely stacked. They will beat each other up and that could cost at least one, if not two of them a postseason spot.

7/ Green Bay
Aaron Rodgers means you always have a chance.

8/ Cincinnati I try not to believe in them, but they made a big investment in Dalton that will either pay off for them or haunt them for a long time.

9/ Chicago This is everyone's sleeper pick and you can see why. Cutler is even on some lists as possible Player of the Year.

10/ Indianapolis A lot of other rankings have them higher and the list of teams they beat last year is impressive, but one has to wonder if this is Andrew Luck and little else.

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