Heavy rains flood streets in Gretna, Terrytown, N.O. East among other areas



Posted on March 28, 2014 at 5:23 PM

Updated Friday, Mar 28 at 5:40 PM

NEW ORLEANS - In Terrytown and Gretna, the downpour caused such severe street flooding that cars were submerged, and emergency responders had to close streets.

But Tiffany Burnside couldn't believe it when her Gretna home flooded. She splashed across the floor of her daughter's bedroom, which was just one of the rooms that flooded.

"It was really bad," Tiffany said. "It came all the way up past my ankles."

As she rushed to move furniture out of the flood so it wouldn't be ruined, Tiffany wondered that a rainstorm could cause this.

"From this little rainstorm. If a hurricane comes, I can only imagine how much water I'll get," she worried.

"Can you believe this is happening? No, uh uh, this is like another episode of Katrina right here," said New Orleans East resident Rodricka Davis.

Streets and yards also flooded in New Orleans East, forcing residents to scramble to keep vehicles from flooding. They were worried their home would flood, and surprised at how quickly the water rose.
"Like an hour or two!" exclaimed Harryell Jackson. "When it first started raining, like an hour or two later, it was like this."

A couple of days ago it still felt like winter. Now it certainly looks like the spring rains have arrived, and a simple walk through a front yard becomes an exercise in very careful, I don't want to step in a hole.

Entergy crews responded during the storm after two utility poles snapped. Daniel Knight was surprised at how strong the wind was.

"It was just like a gust of wind came and popped the poles, like a real gust, gust of wind," said Knight. "It was huge."

But repairmen worked quickly to restore power even before thre flood could subside.