Amid protest, Minyard will reopen case of Glover's death


Posted on December 16, 2013 at 6:13 PM

Updated Monday, Dec 16 at 6:21 PM

Katie Moore / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS - The Orleans Parish Coroner agreed to re-open his investigation into the post-Katrina death of Henry Glover. It comes on the heels of a rowdy protest at the Coroner's Office Monday morning.

“I need justice. He killed my son. He need to be in jail for it,” said Edna Glover standing in front of a group of about 50 protesters.

Glover and the group want Coroner Frank Minyard to change the cause of death classification.

“Warren already admitted he shot him. So, there it is,” said Protestor Sandra Hester.

“And then they burned the body,” Edna Glover said.

Last week, a federal jury found former New Orleans Police Officer David Warren not guilty of violating Glover’s civil rights, even though Warren admitted to shooting Glover.

Other former officers were convicted in connection with the burning of Glover’s body as a cover-up.

Riled up protesters struggled with the coroner's staff Monday as they overflowed into the lobby of the office.

They continued chanting in the lobby as Glover's family and the NAACP met with Minyard about the case.

“I did not see the remains of Henry Glover. But I have been told it was nothing but burned-out bones,” Minyard said.

Glover's death was originally ruled "accidental” because his body had been burned in a fire.

In 2009, Minyard reclassified it as "undetermined." Glover's family wants it classified as a homicide.

“I want the truth because it was a homicide. There's no doubt about it,” said Rebecca Glover, Henry Glover’s aunt.

Minyard said he would need new evidence to reclassify it and that the FBI may have more evidence he should consider.

Even though Warren admitted to shooting Glover, Minyard said he needs more forensic evidence to show exactly how Glover died. Glover’s family said they won’t stop pushing the issue until they get what they feel is justice for Henry.

“It gives us a little more hope that I can bring, that we can bring David Warren up on murder charges,” Rebecca Glover said.

The family members and the NAACP said their next stop will be to push for state charges from Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro if Glover's death is re-classified.

A spokesman for Cannizzaro said Monday that the DA would be happy to meet with the Glover family, but he wouldn't speculate on what action, if any, the DA might take.