More than 100 animals at Lamar Dixon Center have to find new homes

Wynton Yates talks about the animals who need to quickly find homes after flooding in Baton Rouge.

BATON ROUGE – Shelters are packed to the brim with pets after historic flooding, and now they’re looking for permanent homes for the animals.

Tiny Ernestine survived a big disaster and now needs a home. At this point, any home will do.

"We fell in love with her, so we're going to take her home and we're going to foster her and she'll probably be adopted," said Kathy Lasseigne holding Ernestine.

Kathy and Toby Lasseigne's house did not take on water in the recent floods, but they were flooded with the sense of wanting to help.

"Your heart breaks for people that live 10 miles down the road because they lost everything," said Lasseigne.

So they decided to open their home to one of the hundreds of animals who, along with their owners became flood victims too.

"Since we've been (at Lamar Dixon) we've taken in 366 more animals," said Reagan Daniel.

Daniel is with Cara's House, the organization running the animal shelter at the Lamar Dixon Center. Daniel said they don't know how much longer they'll be allowed to stay here. They were notified Wednesday that since the main shelter will be closing Sunday, they may not be able to stay much longer.

"It's a space issue right now, our shelter was damaged and we still can't get back in it yet,” said Daniel.

Their shelter took on eight inches of water and, just like the animals they're helping, they're currently without a home.

"It's a little disheartening, you know. We're fine but we have to know that these animals are going to be safe and cared for and that we can properly care for them," said Daniel.

Right now, Cara's House is keeping a little more than 120 animals but in the coming days they could end up with even more, depending on if owned animals that are being sheltered get picked up.

Sunday, the more than 125 animals that were dropped off at the Lamar Dixon Center by their owners will need to be picked up. If not, they'll end up in the hands of Cara's House which said they'll only be able to hold on to the animals for five days before putting them up for adoption.

"That many more animals is going to be an astronomical amount to take care of,” said Daniel.

For now, Ernestine will have a place to stay and a family to watch over her, but there are hundreds of other four-legged friends who need a home.

If you're interested in adopting an animal or fostering head to the Lamar Dixon Center at  9039 S. St Landry Ave, Gonzales, La. 70737 or visit Cara's House Facebook page.



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