NEW ORLEANS — The old Six Flags, long abandoned since Hurricane Katrina, might have new life. 

A top contender being considered to redevelop the site is recently retired quarterback Drew Brees and current Saint's linebacker Demario Davis, according to District E Councilmember Cyndi Nguyen, who represents New Orleans East. 

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“I am really excited,” Nguyen said. “We got three amazing proposals on the table for us.”

According to Nguyen, a committee looked at several different plans for the 227-acre park and graded them on a list of factors including financial backing.

The proposal that scored the highest was a partnership between Kiernan West LLC from Colorado and S.H.I.E.L.D., a non-profit with Brees, Davis and Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman. 

The Brees plan will transform the old site into learning centers, including farms that help kids learn about urban agriculture, Nguyen said.

The second plan by local group Situs Development wants to build an RV Park, a water park and big box stores and a similar plan by TKTMJ wants to see another amusement park and a travel center. We asked Nguyen which proposal she prefers.

“While I think all three are wonderful, I think for me since day one I've always believed that the 227 acres is really best used as a family entertainment center,” Nguyen said.  

Nguyen says city officials are going to explore the three plans and make a final decision in the coming months.