NEW ORLEANS — Carnival used to be a man's show but the ladies seem to be taking over. Purses from Nyx and shoes from Muses are arguably two of the most sought after throws during Carnival season.

You could say that women have gone from being the eye candy of Carnival, to being the main attraction.

“We have great throws,” said Staci Rosenberg, the captain of the Krewe of Muses. “We work really hard on the theme and I think the all-female krewes do that.”

Early on during Carnival season, women used to do a lot of the behind the scenes work. But in 1917, that changed. The Krewe of Iris was founded making it the first all-female krewe, but things certainly didn't stop there. In the metro area, we now have Muses, Nyx, Cleopatra, Femme Fatale, Eve, Selene, Isis, Pandora and Athena.

When parades roll we see the floats, the throws and the smiles, but members of all-female krewes say what we don't see is really what's most important.

“It’s great, it’s like a sisterhood,” said Meaux Homburg of the Krewe of Iris.

“It’s all my sisters,” exclaimed Rosenberg. “We love being together.”

Different krewes but a similar message of sisterhood and women empowerment.

“It's more than just parading,” says Homburg. “It's giving back to the community and bettering the community around us.”

Krewe members go to meetings together, have parties to decorate throws and they give back to the community - all year round.

“As a result of all this you have people who would've otherwise never met who talk all the time. They're sisters,” said Rosenberg.

These women say they have a good time parading but the joy goes beyond colorful wigs, elaborate costumes and unique throws.

And a lot of the female krewes are growing every year. From last year to this year, Iris has added more than 1,300 members. And several of the krewes have waiting lists.