NEW ORLEANS – If you thought Dong Phuong king cakes were a hot ticket item before, now, it’s even crazier.

As of Feb. 1, partners like Pizza Nola in Lakeview will no longer be carrying the cakes. Customers will have to physically visit the bakery on Chef Mentuer Highway and stand in line, or take a number until fresh cakes come out of the bakery. Other partners that will no longer carry the king cakes are Majoria Drugs, Zuppardo's Family Supermarket and Poeyfarre Market.

“We had to make a really difficult decision,” said Linh Garza, president of Dong Phuong to The New Orleans Advocate's Ian McNulty. “We decided we had to prioritize the customers who make the journey to the bakery, who stand in line for their king cake here.”

McNulty said the bakery makes about 1,000 king cakes a day, half of which were shipped out to re-sellers.

In 2008, the shop baked 100 king cakes to introduce Carnival to the local Vietnamese community. Last year, the bakery sold a whopping 30,000 king cakes.

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The bakery opened in 1985 in an area of the East heavily populated with Vietnamese immigrants. It stands apart as being one of the few bakeries owned in the community by a minority woman. It is also being honored as an American Classic by the James Beard awards.