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Endymion celebrates historic dynasties with this year's parade theme

Endymion's 49 floats give a history lesson that spans from ancient times through the Middle Ages to the modern era

The Krewe of Endymion rightfully holds a place in Carnival history, as one of the largest, most spectacular night parades. Now with its 2020 parade it is turning an eye on other history-making dynasties.

This year's theme is Endymion's Historic Dynasties. Floats designed by artistic director Henri Schindler and constructed by the artists of Kern Studios depict dynasties that span from ancient time through the Middle Ages to modern time.  

The krewe opened its float den on Saturday to give members, their families and guests a preview.

The 49 theme floats, which will carry 3,200 riders, are in addition to the krewe's signature floats, all of which feature colorful artistry, imaginative figures, and state-of-the-art programmable LED lighting.  

In addition to historic dynasties from Europe, Asia and ancient times, Endymion pays tribute to Carnival dynasties, with floats honoring the Rex and Comus dynasties and the Endymion dynasty itself. The final float in the parade honors Endymion founder Ed Muniz, who created the krewe 54 years ago. 

Endymion rolls on Saturday, Feb. 22.

Mardi Gras 2020 in New Orleans is set for Tuesday, February 25. Even though you might have to wait until the end of February for Endymion, Bacchus, Orpheus, Zulu, and Rex, the first parades start rolling earlier. The dates and times on this calendar are tentative at this time as several parishes are in the midst of finalizing their schedules.

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