"The krewes have told us that in the past several years that they have lost members we've also seen some krewes discontinue parading," said Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken.

Leaders like Van Vrancken admit attendance and participation numbers are not what they're supposed to be, and she wants to help address these problems.

"We're okay doing that because what we all remember is how vibrant Carnival used to be and that's what we want to work towards bringing back to Jefferson Parish."

Nothing has been finalized yet, but an idea some krewe captains and business owners have suggested -- is to reverse the traditional route, which starts at Clearview.

"I like it because it's fun," Marcelle Miller.

The flip could end up helping families who live near the end of the route celebrate easier.

"Before it would come by here way too late for our little ones to see the parade," said Marcelle's mom, Tricia Miller.

Miller and her little girls live near Bonnabel where the parade now ends. She says, she wouldn't mind if it's a simple reversal, and it helps JP traditions grow.

"I would love for it to see as big as Orleans Parish Mardi Gras."

But down the street, a neighbor, Jay Couvillion, a big parade-goer wants to make sure the route doesn't get shortened.

"Especially with all the goods and stuff that you get, we're already dragging a wagon one block away from having it drag that far would probably make us feel like we're not in the parade route any longer," said Couvillion.

And if that's the case he'd rather things be left alone.

"We don't have that many nighttime parades as it is, I think Jefferson is down to 4-5 nighttime parades so it's going to be a little upsetting for us where we are."

For now, Van Vrancken says they don't have all the answers.

"So by starting more in a neighborhood area and then maybe moving down to a more commercial area maybe that's something that might help," added Van Vrancken.

But she says planning talks need to move along, or changes won't make it in time for next year.

And again, nothing would get finalized until a public hearing before the JP Parish Council hearing.