NEW ORLEANS — Two parades are getting ready to roll this weekend, and both are expected to put on a show.

For the first time, Krewe Boheme walked throughout the Marigny and French Quarter. The Krewe, which was created last summer, had almost 700 people participating in their first parade.

Their theme is 'La Vie Boheme' and had a 1920's Moulin Rouge artistic vibe to it, organizers say. There were multiple smaller marching clubs participating in the parade as well as local bands like Bon Bon Vivant. Floats and participants included a tricycle gang, a two-headed, 20-foot long alligator, some boat floats and even a pink glittered guillotine. 

The Krewe was described as a krewe that mashes together local artists, musicians and scholars and it's something they're very proud of.

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Krewe du Vieux parade route

"Feeling a lot of adrenaline, and just cannot wait to see the looks on peoples' faces and I think that's kind of how all of us who are participating in each different sub-krewe are going to feel because I think there's going to be a lot of joy that comes out of this amazing parade. It is going to be a spectacle. And I think people are going to be blown away by what they see tonight," said Julie Barecki, the Artistic Director.

The other parade will roll at 6:30 p.m. Saturday, and that's Krewe du Vieux. 

About 900 marchers will be participating, this year's theme is 'The City of Yes, Yes, Oh God Yes.'

Floats will have different themes, and will focus on the NFL, the city's crime cameras, drainage problems, the Supreme Court Hearings and much more.

Satire was apart of Carnival in the early days, but it largely disappeared for awhile. Apparently, Krewe du Vieux helped bring it back.

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"The ruling elite said, if we give the people one day to go crazy in the streets and make fun of us, we can keep them under control the rest of the year. So, but that had kind of disappeared over time, so when Krewe du Vieux first started we take I think, deserve a lot of the credit, for bringing satire back. Now you see it with Chaos, and Muses and Krewe D'Etat, but when we started, it was pretty much just us," said Keith Twitchell, Poobah of Publicity for the krewe.

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