KENNER, La. — It’s June, but we're already talking about Carnival season – that’s because The Krewe of Isis announced Wednesday it’s heading back to Kenner for Carnival 2020.

The krewe will move from its traditional Veterans Memorial Boulevard route in Metairie to a new parade starting at the Esplanade Mall next Carnival Season, Kenner City officials and krewe officials said. 

See the route below:

krewe of isis new route kenner 2020 mardi gras

On Wednesday, there was a cheerful announcement featuring city officials and krewe Captain Sherrell Gorman.

"We have 207 days until King's Day, which will kick off Mardi Gras. We have 219 days until the Krewe of Isis ball on January 18 at the Marriott. And there's 255 days until the Krewe of Isis once again parades in the city of Kenner," Gorman said. 

The change from the all-female Krewe of Isis, Jefferson Parish's oldest parading krewe comes just two months after Metairie's signature parade - the Krewe of Caesar - ceased operations. Organizers blamed route changes and dwindling ridership for the abrupt end.

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Last month, Zahn told that Kenner was open to hosting Caesar.

"Are my doors open to the Krewe of Caesar? Absolutely," Zahn said. "If they want to come to us, we're here. I'd love to have them."

The newspaper reports that Kenner has not hosted a full-scale Carnival season parade since 1992.

According to the New Orleans Advocate, while the krewe has paraded down the Veterans route for decades, the move to the new route is actually a return. Isis started in Kenner for its first seven parades.

Police Chief Mike Glaser, members of the Kenner City Council and Jefferson Parish District 5 Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken attended Wednesday's announcement.