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Mardi Gras council makes "significant progress" toward full parade routes

And while there remained work to be done, there was an air optimism, cooperation and goodwill from those planning the parade.

NEW ORLEANS — The Mardi Gras Advisory Council appeared to be close to restoring the full parade routes for many New Orleans carnival krewes, with a new update coming directly from the co-chairs of that committee on Thursday.

And while there remained work to be done, there was an air optimism, cooperation and goodwill from those planning the parade.

With a vote of all yeas, the city council said yes to a Mardi Gras parade schedule, and routes, pending approval of NOPD. That put some of the members in the carnival spirit.

“We're really excited that the krewes and the administration are working on getting additional security, not only from outside law enforcement agencies, but from our own NOPD officers and NOPD reserves. And what I'm very proud about is that we're getting NOPD officers, and reserves, paid in parity, the same amount with those outside law enforcement agencies,” said Councilwoman Lesli Harris of District B.

The Mayor's Mardi Gras Advisory Council has been made up of captains of big krewes, are working with the sheriff and police chief. 

“And what people don't realize that's important, because people plan their Mardi Gras, many of them, not just around Mardi Gras, but around those historical locations. Many people plan their businesses, or their pop ups around those historical locations,” said Councilman Oliver Thomas of District E.

Councilwoman Harris said she believed that restoring the old routes would have a positive impact on the economic wellbeing of her district.

“I know families have their traditional routes that they like to be on, but for the small businesses that are in District B that rely on Mardi Gras revenue to really fuel their businesses for the entire year, so I'm very excited, hopeful that we will get the old routes restored,” said Harris.

James Reiss, III of Rex, a member of the council, said there has been amazing cooperation between the sheriff and NOPD chief, which could be a template for the future, and have a tremendous impact on the economy.

He added, "a return to our full routes would be just another indication of exactly how resilient New Orleanians are, and also how important Mardi Gras is to not just our economic health, but our emotional health as well."

Councilman Thomas seemed to agree.

“Now we can really have Mardi Gras. Now we can celebrate,” said Thomas.

And Reiss also said that Krewes were willing to make calls to gather law enforcement resources. 

"The Sheriff graciously offered to consolidate that effort through her office, which we (the parading Krewes), quickly realized was not only the most efficient manner to go about it, but also the procedurally proper way to go about it," Reiss said. 


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