METAIRIE, La. — With the official start to carnival season just a day away (Jan. 6), some Metairie krewes are working to recruit new members.

On Saturday, four local krewes —  Athena, Excalibur, Isis and Pandora — participated in a recruiting campaign at the Lakeside Shopping Center on Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

Members gathered to talk with prospective recruits about joining the krewes, some of which said they have experienced a recent decline in membership.

Officials are also working to revive Metairie’s Mardi Gras festivities, like Jefferson Parish councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken, who appeared at the recruiting session.

"What we love about Jefferson Parish, it’s a good, safe environment, it’s easy, we’ve got great krewes," Van Vrancken said. 

She added that people should take advantage of this season's parades.

"So whether you’re enjoying it from the perspective of being on the street and watching the parade go by, or whether you’re riding with one of these krewes, it’s really something for everybody to enjoy,” she said.

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Officials have made changes to the routes in Metairie this year, with some krewes ending at Clearview Mall for Family Gras, which organizers hope will boost parade attendance.