NEW ORLEANS - Adults and children, men and women, and "those who have yet to decide" were decked out in legumes on Lundi Gras and marched through the streets for the Red Beans second line.

Drinks flowed and music blared, all in celebration of Carnival.

"It's amazing," Krewe member Gail Evans said. "It's Lundi Gras, everyone is having a great time. Look at the costumes right?"

There were red bean kings and queens, red bean sports logos and red bean dedications to famous New Orleans musicians. Costumes that took months to put together.

"We started around Thanksgiving," Julie Nalibov said.

"This parade really represents what the creativity in New Orleans is," Crista Rock added.

Off they went, through the Marginy to spread Mardi Gras cheer.

"All ages and all styles and we get to really strut our stuff. It's wonderful," Nalibov said.

"They have great costumes, just a whole different feel to Mardi Gras and it's just a wonderful energy," Edward Deano said.

While the best three weeks of the year are drawing to a close, residents are reminded that everywhere else, it's only February.

"I just think we should all be grateful we live in New Orleans," Deano said.