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Rex organization celebrates 150 years and 50-year relationship with St. Aug Marching 100

The Marching 100 first joined the parade in 1967 with the theme "To the Ladies, Bless Them All".

NEW ORLEANS — On December 1, the Krewe of Rex celebrated 150 years as an organization at the Galerie de Galatoire restaurant.

Not only did Rex Official James J. Reiss, III and Rex Member Dr. Kenneth St. Charles celebrate legacy but also the longstanding 50-year relationship with St. Augustine High School and the Marching 100 band.

The Marching 100 first joined the parade in 1967 with the theme "To the Ladies, Bless Them All".

At the Royal Street location, the band performed some "high-energy songs" before Dr. Charles, the former President of St. Aug, presented the current St. Augustine High School President, Aulston Taylor, with a scroll that reads: 

"We celebrate Our Shared Commitment to Arts, Education, and Leadership and Your Steadfast Work to Promote Academic Excellence to Assure that All of the Citizens of Our Beloved Capital City of New Orleans Enjoy a Bright Future. 

We Remember with Pride the Mardi Gras Day More than a Half-Century Ago when your Illustrious Marching 100 Band First Joined Our Grand Procession in Joyous Harmony. 

As We Approach the 150th Anniversary of Our Reign, We Celebrate Enduring Bonds of Friendship and Service and Anticipate with Joy a Bright Future of Continued Association. 

May You Never Cease to Love 

By My Own Hand, Rex, His Imperial Majesty, King of the Carnival

 Signed by Bathurst, Lord High Chamberlain"

St. Augustine High School was founded in 1951 by the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart and has been in the same location since at 2600 A.P. Tureaud.

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