Nothing but a party on Orleans Avenue as parade goers camped out one day before the Super-Krewe of Endymion rolls through New Orleans Mid-City neighborhood.

 "We come out here,we hang out," Sandy Blady said. "Big party, big family, everybody knows everybody."

Chris Cuccia is sparing no expense to make sure his piece of neutral ground feels just like home for Endymion. Friday, he moved two large couches on to his spot.

"We found these in front of somebody's house," Cuccia said. "This is how you do Mardi Gras, son."

 Mike Parks' family and friends should have no problem finding him during Saturday's Parade. He marked his spot with a flagpole.

 "It's a flag so everybody knows where we're at in between North Murat and North Alexander," Parks said. "Look for the flag, listen for the DJ."

Some families have been early birding it on Orleans for years.

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"They come out so early now," Blady said. "It used to be Thursday. Now people are out here on Monday, Tuesday, so we have to come out. We don't want to be here. But, it's like we have to come out that early to get our spot now."

"We all come out and hang out for a couple days out of the year and catch up and see each other again next year," Parks said.

So what is proper parade etiquette when you have a front row spot?

"We're not greedy," Blady said. "We let people, everybody just move up, graciously, let everybody else in."

But, Endymion parade goers weren't the only ones on Orleans, Friday.

City crews made a few passes with trucks, picking up unattended items like tarps, caution tape used to rope off a spot and some chairs.

Remember Chris Cuccia and his couches?

 "They came over here tried to take our couches, so we went and we put them back in our truck," Cuccia said. "But, little do they know we're just going to put them out for the parade tomorrow."

Endymion rolls at 4:15 Saturday afternoon on the traditional Mid-City route.