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Kristen Stewart's charisma leads an uneven but fun Charlie's Angels

The Charlie's Angels trio is back with a new crew and while the movie is fun, it's a bit uneven and could improve if a sequel is ever made.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — If you've seen any version of Charlie's Angels you'll know what you're getting into when you watch the 2019 version.

But this time it's the middle road between the television show and the over-the-top McG movies.

In this new movie, directed by Elizabeth Banks, we are introduced to some new angels after Bosley (Patrick Stewart) has opened up the program to be an international spy company.

The plot follows Sabina (Kristen Stewart), Jane (Ella Balinska), and Elena (Naomi Scott) as they try to stop the villains from getting a clean energy power source that can be turned into an EMP.

It sounds just as hokey as the other Charlie's Angels plots and it is. The movie's plot is mostly paint-by-numbers, but it's held up by a fun cast.

Kristen Stewart plays against her normal roles to deliver a charismatic and fun-loving character. She's usually aloof or serious in most of her roles, so it's good to see her having a ball.

The same can be said for Patrick Stewart, who chews up the scenery whenever he is on screen.

What this Charlie's Angels does better than the McG versions is that it feels like it is a send-up of old male-centric spy movies while at the same time being an homage to them.

If you love the Charlie's Angels, you will definitely have a good time watching this one.

Let's just hope Crispin Glover comes back for the sequel.

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