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The Mandalorian will do anything for Baby Yoda, even betray bounty hunters

Not only is the internet going crazy over Baby Yoda, but The Mandalorian is too and he will die to protect the cute 50-year-old baby.

Last week, Baby Yoda took over every inch of the internet. And now this week, Baby Yoda captures the rest of The Mandalorian's heart.

The best part of The Mandalorian (besides Baby Yoda) is that each episode is short and to the point. You are not getting filler scenes that maybe lead to nothing or side-plots that are opposite the main storyline.

Everything is streamlined and that's what makes the show so easy to watch.

Although Mando completes his mission by delivering Baby Yoda to The Client (Werner Herzog) and getting his money by Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), he has a change of heart and decides to break in and steal the 50-year-old baby back.

It's a straightforward episode, but it's heavy on some space western shootouts and it's awesome.

Mando utilizing all of his skills against a group of Stormtroopers followed by fighting his way through some bounty hunters who want to collect the Baby Yoda bounty.

The episode builds tension for the reason of the season as well as giving Mando a bran new suit of armor.

It continues to highlight the Star Wars lore behind Mandalorians and part of the universe the movies only hint at.

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