**NO spoilers here!**

Netflix makes it official: The streaming service confirms the hit show "Dead to Me" will return for a second season.

And yes, Jen and Judy will be back. Creator Liz Feldman will also be back as showrunner and executive producer.

The shows stars Christina Applegate as Jen, a wife and mother whose husband died in a hit-and-run. She’s befriended by Judy, played by Linda Cardellini, described as a free spirit who’s fiance died recently as well.

Both of them are a bit crazy in their own way.

We won't go into details beyond that. After all, if you're reading this you're probably already a fan, but we don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched.

There's no date confirmed yet for when season two will appear on Netflix, but for fans who undoubtedly want their questions answered... it can't come soon enough.

Mamamia reports Feldman teased her plans for future episodes to EW:

“It will be about the further exploration of this friendship, and relationship, and now very complicated dynamic, or even more complicated dynamic between these two women,” said Feldman. "What I wanted to do was create a situation where they’re forced together, and they need each other now in some ways more than they did at the beginning of season 1."


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