Ask any long time New Orleans angler what a lady's favorite fish is and chances are pretty good you'll hear "flounder!"

But this spring and summer it's one species that's been scarce, very scarce.

One theory -- and its only a theory because there's no scientific proof -- is that because flounders are offshore spawners, the layer of corexit from the BP leak that lines the Gulf has caused a flounder shortage.

The next couple months might tell the story as we head into the peak of flounder season.

There's at least one good sign this week. Raymond Maharr fishing with Captain Mike Gallo used a Texas rigged plastic worm to catch this huge four-pounder in the Biloxi Marsh.

Flounder feed by ambush, so points near drop-offs and on flats with moving water are places to target the flat fish. Lake Pontchartrain bridges can also be good now through late November or December using plastic avocado dudleys tipped with fish belly and time will tell if there's any flounder to be caught.