NEW ORLEANS -- A surprisingly good duck season is coming to an end in Louisiana. This Saturday will be your last chance to hunt ducks.

Captain Ryan Lambert with Cajun Fishing Adventures and his retriever Kennely took full advantage.

“For teal season, we limited out every day, but we didn't have any cold fronts. So you had to set up on flyway in order to kill them,” Lambert said.

Then Hurricane Harvey knocked out most of the vegetation from the East side of the river.

“No way I thought we'd have a great season, but I tell you what,” Lambert said. “I had almost a perfect season until these negative tides this last week.”

Lambert said he reached the hunting limit almost every day this season, barring a few this past week.

Saturday, in Louisiana’s East Zone, is a youth only day where only hunters 17-and-younger are allowed to shoot ducks after sunset. Duck hunters will have to wait until Fall after that.