You can always tell when fall fishing is going on. The weather is cool and the trout are IN.

Captain Mike Gallo with Angling Adventures of Louisiana said when the tide starts to fall this season, the shrimp come out of the marsh and into the lakes. Then the trouts move from the lakes in the marsh. If you can find the spot where they cross, that’s the best fishing.

“We caught them anywhere today from say ten-and-a-half (inches) to probably fifteen so they're good keeper size fish,” Gallo said. “Live (bait) has worked better than artificial today although both of them were working well.”

Gallo says Hurricane Nate didn’t have any affect on the fishing either.

“Brought in a little saltier water, but the fish don't necessarily pay attention to the salinity when they're not spawning,” he said.

There are still plenty of redfish out there as well, so right now is prime time to hit the water.