Roast wild duck or goose is a tradition for the holiday table, and if you don’t have yours yet, it's not too late.

When the first split of the Louisiana waterfowl season closed at sunset last Sunday, most duck hunters were smiling.

That’s because, despite the loss of precious submerged aquatic vegetation (AKA duck food), hunters were greeted with surprisingly good numbers.

More surprising were the species that showed up. The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries flyover surveys showed an extraordinary number of scaup, better known by its Cajun name “dos gris.” And on the ground bag checks verified those usually late migrating birds were the top species found on Pointe Aux Chenes, Atchafalaya and Pass a Loutre public wildlife management areas.

With the coldest frontal system so far this season due this weekend the statewide second split opening day on Saturday, December 16 will see even more ducks and geese migrating into the Bayou State. Lets hope the food source holds out so they’ll stick around before heading even further south.

Another tip for second split hunting – dress to stay warm and dry and buy more shells.