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Scientists say waiting for delivery food causes anxiety and increased heart rates

While waiting for food deliveries like pizza and fast food, scientists saw stress levels increase from 17.25 to 18.38 within minutes.

If you think it's just your morning commute that stressing you out, who might be wrong. Scientists say they are seeing an increase in stress and anxiety in people who wait for food deliveries from apps and restaurants.

An experiment carried out at the University of Wolverhampton in the U.K. saw participants fitted with heart rate monitors while they waited for pizza and fast food deliveries. Researchers found that our heart rates shoot up after ordering pizzas and other fast food, from 70 beats per minute to 87. Plus, stress levels increased from 17.25 to 18.38, which is known as the "irate" stage. The timing of when all this happens is around 40 minutes after the order is placed.

Scientists took the results from the study and placed the behaviors in categories, ranging from fidgety, to anxious, irate and then loss. Dr Martin Khechera, senior lecturer and researcher in biomedical science said: 'We've all seen friends, partners and, if we're honest, even ourselves get antsy and annoyed during the process." The fidget process they believe starts around 5 minutes after the order is placed, almost immediately following that is a level of anxiety that can even manifest in physical attributes like toe-tapping. Once the order is delivered however, the body almost immediately washes away all those affects and the stress levels disperse.

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