This week Mother Nature treated us to a nice little warmup but - and it's an important "but" - it's still winter and the fish know it.

While air temps rise quickly, water temperatures are slower to react.  So that means not completely abandoning  your wintertime patterns. Fish deeper, on the bottom and with slower moving bait presentations.

The MRGO and Intracoastal Waterway offer what wintertime fish need and are the spots when combined with clean, moving water will hold schools of slow moving fish.

Because they're not moving as much when you do find a school, you don't want to leave them like you would in summer when they're more active.

Live bait is hard to find.  A good alternative are hard plastic baits that you throw out. Let it sink for eight to ten seconds and then work it back with a few twitches here and there as it rises and falls.  It will find the fish's comfort zone and then repeat over and over.