PARADIS, La. — A chukar is something between a quail and a pheasant that flies just as fast or faster than either of those. 

We traveled to Paradis, La. to find some.

"They're a lot faster than you think they are, they're bigger than a quail but they're real fast and you've got to shoot quick," said Mike Blake of "Real tasty just like a pheasant or a quail, real good."

Chukars were never native to anywhere on the North American continent, they were brought here from some of the Middle Eastern and Asian countries. But they have adapted to some of our habitat and the mountainous areas, like Idaho, Wyoming and maybe Montana.

You can find wild birds, but other than that it's shooting on preserves like this one.

If you want to extend your hunting season beyond the duck seasons, preserve hunting is open through April 30.