Gas was ten cents a gallon, families listened on radio to the Cardinals/Tigers World Series and in 1934 Herman "Dutch" Prager caught his first fish at the age of nine. In 2019, he's still at it.

"I started fishing with my dad when I was about nine or ten. We took the train at the L&N Station on the end of Canal Street and we'd go on over towards the Gulf Coast and get off at the Rigolets," said Prager, founder of the New Orleans Big Game Fishing Club. 

Through school, a submarine stint in World War II, marriage to his wife Jane and a thriving family boat building business, Dutch never lost his love for fishing.

"In 1935, when the company built the first cabin cruiser, it was a six sleeper and we used to go across the lake over to Bayou Biloxi, Bayou Magill, False Mouth Bayou, Nine Mile and we'd go in sixteen foot skiffs, cypress skiffs. The last trip I made offshore was in 1987.  At 94 it's getting a little harder for me to get around I have to be careful."

That's where charter captain-turned fishing buddy Mike Gallo comes in. 

"He has a fondness for fishing the Biloxi Marsh," said Gallo of Angling Adventures of Louisiana. "I have a fondness for fishing in the Biloxi Marsh. A throwback from days gone by. We probably could all learn a few things from him."

"I just wish that more people would be able to enjoy what we have enjoyed and what I have enjoyed," Prager said.

You might say Dutch is a fish's worst nightmare.