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#GorillaGlueGirl: Gorilla Glue gone? 'It's over'

Created two days ago, Tessica's GoFundme page has raised more than $18,000 from about 1,100 donors, making the average donation about $15. The goal was $1,500.

NEW ORLEANS — Reports say and videos show #GorillaGlueGirl finally being able to touch her own hair. Among her first words after a procedure done by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon: "It's over."

TMZ reports and videos show Tessica undergoing the procedure, and it ends with her hair finally being free after a month-long bad hairdo experience.

For days, there has been a huge online interest in the latest update on #GorillaGlueGirl, mostly people expressing concern and donating money to help the woman who spent almost a day in the emergency room.

A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offered Tessica Brown to administer a $12,000, 2-to-3 day procedure, free of charge, that would completely remove the glue, TMZ reported. 

Dr. Michael Obeng, the plastic surgeon, told TMZ he can fix Tessica's problem, perhaps with medical-grade glue remover, saying he has a background in chemistry.

"Any compound can be broken down," Obeng told TMZ. "She's very lucky that she didn't sustain a lot of injuries to her scalp. This... is no joke. The stiffness that pulls your scalp every single day. Imagine a stick stuck to your head as you try to fall asleep."

Obeng said he used the same glue with real Black hair to experiment with the solvents. The doctor used medical-grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil, and some acetone.

Obeng asked everyone to read instructions on the products they use to be safe.

The Louisiana woman went social media viral after she struggled with having the same hairdo for a month — thanks to using a product that the manufacturer called a permanent adhesive.

✈️Flying to LA✈️

After going to a New Orleans area hospital for treatment, there's been little news about Tessica, but Wednesday an Instagram post of hers asked followers to wish her safe travels as she flys to Los Angeles for treatment.

Tessica said on Tiktok she used Gorilla Glue Spray about a month before she shared her story. Reports said she washed her hair 15 times, rubbing shampoo into her hair wouldn't even lather. 

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Support from Chance the Rapper

Among the many tweets and memes expressing concern for Tessica or interest in her dilemma, a significant portion has been helpful, and that caught the eye of Chance the Rapper.

Admitting to laughing at some point while watching #GorillaGlueGirl videos, Chance said on Twitter that he was glad to see people actually supporting Tessica through her ordeal.

"I could tell shorty genuinely didn't know she had put one of the world's most powerful adhesives in her (stuff)," the Rapper said. "I hope she recovers well."

Created two days ago, Tessica's GoFundme page has raised more than $18,000 from about 1,100 donors, making the average donation about $15.

Gorilla Glue's response

Reports said Tessica hired an attorney to weigh her legal options as she struggled to get Gorilla Glue Spray out of her hair for days.

Gorilla Glue posted an official statement Twitter, saying the company was "very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident."

Noting that their product wasn't meant to be used on hair, Gorilla Glue said the situation is very unique, and wished her the best.

"This product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent," the statement said. "Our spray adhesive states in the warning label 'do not swallow. Do no get in eyes, on skin or on clothing.' "

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