METAIRIE, La. - Employees at a local Target learn how a small act of kindness can go a long way. When the store on Clearview Parkway lost power, they made the quick decision to save thousands of pounds of food by donating it instead of letting it go to waste.

That act of kindness, like most things these days, was all recorded with a cell phone. It's been seen by thousands and has many praising the actions of the employees.

The outage happened a few weeks ago when a transformer blew at the Target. Employees found themselves in the dark.

"We thought it'd come back up," said Dione Branch, the executive team lead of human resources. "We thought we'd be back in business in no time, but then it didn't come back up. We got word from the fire department that we'd have to wait for Entergy to come out, so we knew we'd have a few hours before we were back in business."

Losing power is an event that Target employees train for. However, when it came time to decide on what to do with the food, Branch says one of the team members suggested it be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank.

"We participate in a lot of community events," she said. "We're always donating. It's just a small way that we can help."

All refrigerated and frozen food had to go, so they made a call to Second Harvest asking if they could give them the 8,000 pounds of food they had. Cell phone video taken by Second Harvest shows how the scene unfolded.

"I'd call it controlled chaos, but it was very organized," said Jay Vise, the Communications Marketing Manager at Second Harvest. "It was really something to see, and the boxes employees had to carry down the escalator (which were not running because of the power outage), weren't light. They were about 50-70 pounds a piece. In all, they filled up 13 pallets."

The food, which is being kept in a large walk-in freezer at Second Harvest, will be dispersed around South Louisiana.

"We're very grateful the management and staff there thought to call us," said Vise. "Our service covers about 23 parishes and we support hundreds of local food pantries and that's where this food is going."

The video, which is posted on Second Harvest's Facebook page, is warming the hearts of many.

Power is back on in Target, and shelves once empty are filled again with food.