Travel Channel host and chef Andrew Zimmern is in hot water on social media after sharing a photo of Minnesota’s “best kept secret:” crawfish.

Zimmern’s photo shows boiled crawfish, boiled corn, potatoes and mushrooms with the hashtag #OnlyinMN. Twitter was not having it.

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Hundreds of users weighed in, with some speculating that the crawdads were boiled without seasoning.

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“If the corn and potatoes don’t have a red tint to them from the seasoning then you may as well just throw that all away. #cometosouthLouisiana,” Twitter user @lsugrad0406 replied.

“I can’t imagine he actually ate those. I mean, I HOPE he didn’t,” user @tatumspop wrote.

“As a Mississippian living in Minnesota… this is wildly embarrassing. Why would you show this to anyone?” user @qrbrown tweeted.

Andrew responded saying he loves all the talk about crawfish, admitting that he prefers the spicy seasonings. He added that Minnesotans only use water and serve with butter.